Simon Clark


First Officer

London Heathrow

Willing to Relocate

Passports Held: UK



Flying is my passion and I look constantly to develop my flying skills. I hold an EASA ATPL (A), a class one medical and am currently type rated on the Airbus 320 and Boeing 777 aircraft. In my 7 years of operating as a Senior First Officer I have flown to a variety of challenging destinations both in Europe and Worldwide. Throughout I have had to deal with disruption and difficult situations that required me to be adaptable to changing demands both commercial and safety related as well as being flexible in my dealings with crew and passengers.


Aviation Qualifications


EASA ATPL (A)                                                                                 EASA Class 1 Medical (No restrictions)

B777/787/IR/PBN                                                                           English ICAO Proficiency Level 6

A320/IR/PRN                                                                                   MCC & JOC

Current holder of UK Airside Pass




British Airways February 2014 to present


I joined on the A320 fleet based out of London Gatwick and Heathrow flying to multiple destinations across Europe, the Middle East and the Canaries Islands. British Airways (BA) First Officers are given significant responsibilities above those of most carriers as part of future command development. As such I was authorised to call stop initiating RTOs, carrying out CAT 1 Autoland’s, taxiing and parking on the ground and full control of thrust levers when pilot flying. I took part in a PIC development course during times of spare training capacity.


In 2015 I volunteered and joined a select group of flight crew that operated to the CAT C airfield Innsbruck. This required additional training due to the complexity of the approach into Innsbruck and the regulatory requirements of the Austrian authorities. Once part of the Innsbruck group I continued to operate there for the remainder of my time on Airbus.


In 2016 I became part of the simulator panel operators’ group that run practice simulator sessions for fellow flight crew to practice and refine their skills. I also joined the flight crew iPad testing group that were given first look and usage of apps being developed for the community. Our job was to use these during line operations when workload allowed and write feedback for the IT team to continue the app development.


In 2018 I moved fleets with my preference being a Boeing 777 to allow me to expand my experience to handling of a new jet aircraft with a very different design philosophy. In March I started my B777 training and once type rated, I joined the line operating to a variety of destinations in North and South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Africa, Far East and Australia. This allowed me to expand significantly my experience of aviation to almost every continent, gaining valuable insight into the approach of different countries.


In 2019/2020 I was awarded a flight operation recognition award after a captain commended my performance for going above and beyond during a disrupted flight back from Antigua back to London Gatwick. During the COVID crisis I have volunteered to operate repatriation flights and extended FTL range cargo operations bringing medical supplies from Shanghai to the UK. Due to COVID redundancies at British Airways I undertook a A320 renewal course with L3 Harris to regain my previous A320 rating. I am now rated on both the B777 and A320.


Flight Training CTC   April 2012 to January 2014


I was accepted on to the first intake of the British Airways Future Pilot Program in December 2011 and commenced training with CTC Aviation in April 2012.  Ground school and instrument rating were carried out in the UK and the VFR and multi engine training were undertaken in New Zealand. I then completed my Airbus type rating before joining British Airways as a First Officer.


Fulltime Education   Pre April 2012


Before my flying career I was studying Aeronautical Engineering at Loughborough University. I completed 18 months of my studies before being offered a place on the British Airways program.

Prior to that I attended Abbotsholme School where I gained the following academic qualifications at Advanced Level:  Mathematics A*

Design and Technology B

Physics B


Outside of my academic studies I was awarded:


·        The King Constantine medal by Round Square. Round Square is an internationally diverse network of 200 like-minded schools in 50 countries on six continents that connect and collaborate to offer world-class programmes and experiences, developing global competence, character and confidence in students. The medal is awarded to the student of each school who demonstrates a true commitment to the Round Square Ideals.


·        My Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. This award requires individuals to demonstrate a combination of community service commitments, sports involvements and skills improvement activities. It also includes a major (4 day) team-based expedition. Whilst this was a team effort, I took a lead in critical aspects of the planning for this activity: a cycling expedition to Sweden. Despite reservations by the school that the expedition would be too complex, as we had to demonstrate complete self-sufficiency for the entire trip, we successfully completed this highlighting what can be achieved with determination and good organisational skills.


·        I was also given the responsibility of being Head of Boarding House during sixth form acting as the support for fellow students and the ambassador between students and teachers resolving any issues as they arose.


Other Information

Date of Birth:  18 June 1992


UK Citizen with a valid US visa B1/B2 and C1/D

Full clean UK driving license

Prepared to relocate to meet job requirements



Skiing, hiking, exploring cultures, meeting friends, organising expeditions while down route and with friends and strategy games.



Reference from British Airways Training Standards Captain on request



First Officer at British Airways

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