Bobby Eccles


First Officer / CRMT

Staffordshire, UK

Willing to Relocate

Passports Held: UK

I started my aviation career in the Royal Air Force and completed the first stages of training as well as spending several months in a role facilitating and leading training expeditions from RAF Halton, and a year supporting Chinook helicopter operations, organising and deploying on expeditionary exercises around the UK. I then spent 14 months training in South Australia, flying various aircraft into a multitude of dirt strip airfields and international airports alike, in preparation to become a wide-body airline pilot for Cathay Pacific Airways based out of Hong Kong. During my 7 years there I progressed from being a Second Officer, through several stages of promotion, and finally left as a Relief Pilot in Command of long-haul and ultra long-haul flights often over Polar and Oceanic airspace in a Boeing 777. This involved working with colleagues and various agencies and service providers from many different countries and backgrounds. I then joined British Airways as a Direct Entry Long-Haul First Officer on the B777, and operated medium-haul and long-haul flights including Extended Flight Time Limitation flights in order to provide repatriation and medical supplies freighter flying until the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During my professional career I have learnt a great deal about operating under pressure, risk and workload management, and problem solving and decision making in varying unfamiliar scenarios. This has often been attributed to analysis and application of procedures, and the importance of leadership and Crew Resource Management and how to communicate with and use the experience and knowledge of all the people and assets around me in order to achieve the greatest effect. I pride myself on taking a diligent attitude to always self-analyze and review after every event in order to pick up errors or to re-affirm correct mental models.

In my personal life I enjoy trying new activities and learning new skills, largely revolving around adventurous sports. I have continuously driven myself and trained around my work in order to compete in Ironman triathlon events and other such endurance races on 4 different continents.

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