Raffle Winners 2021

PilotsTogether is working to provide career, mental health, and financial assistance to pilots who no longer earn an income from flying due to the impact of COVID-19. Thanks to the generosity of so many, whether through Give as You Earn contributions or direct donations, we are able to make a difference in the lives of those facing urgent need.

As we did last year, we held a raffle in support of the charity. This raffle contained some amazing prizes that any #AvGeek would love – prizes that in many cases money just cannot buy from a Red Arrow’s flying suit to a trip in the cab of railway engine.

We know that times are tough for many so we remain very grateful for your support.  We raised a staggering £11,055 with our raffle and auction. This is an amazing amount of money and will be used directly to help these pilots to avoid defaulting on flight training loans, mortgage payments, and more.

Here is our list of winners for 2021:

First Prize – Red Arrows Flying suit – Anthony Fildes – Ticket Number 120827-PT2021-6981
Second Prize – 747 Window – Michael Johnson – Ticket Number 121279-PT2021-11507
Third Prize – Concorde Signed Photo – John Thompson – Ticket Number 121253-PT2021-11125
Fourth Prize – 1 hour sim session – Amanda Rhodes – Ticket Number 121115-PT2021-8492
Fifth Prize – 1 hour sim session – Helen Cole – Ticket Number 121217-PT2021-10559
Sixth Prize – GD RailFreight Ride – Daniel Jones – Ticket Number 121104-PT2021-8251
Seventh Prize – Bottle of Qantas Port – Sean Murphy – Ticket Number 121216-PT2021-10541
Eighth Prize – Graphics856 Print – Garry Piper – Ticket Number 120362-PT2021-3324
Ninth Prize – Tiger Moth Flight – Kathleen Ehrlich – Ticket Number 121277-PT2021-11452
Tenth Prize – 747 Flown Print – Michael Norman – Ticket Number 120353-PT2021-3194

Bonus 1 – 747 Window – Martyn Foss – Ticket Number 121276-PT2021-11427
Bonus 2 – BBMF book and items – Matthew Mckay – Ticket Number 121288-PT2021-11780