Raffle Winners - Raffle D 2020

1641 tickets are entered

The draw has been completed!

First Prize Winner – B747 Simulator Experience – Elizabeth Grimes with 15613-RafflD-2020-1628
Second Prize Winner – LHR Tower Visit – Mark Fordham with 22950-RafflD-2020-2060
Third Prize Winner – Spend a Day in Europe with GodSaveThePoints – John Griffiths with 23380-RafflD-2020-2090
Fourth Prize Winner – Signed Copy of An Officer Not a Gentleman by Mandy Hickson – Paul Carr with 15745-RafflD-2020-1725
Fifth Prize Winner – 747 print flown on the last BA flights from LHR – Anthony Morley with 40567-RafflD-2020-2754
Sixth Prize Winner – Limited Edition Graphics856 Print – Andrew Fennemore with 38078-RafflD-2020-2372
Seventh Prize Winner – Private Tour of the Historic London Croydon Airport – Tony Maxwell with 17978-RafflD-2020-2001
Eighth Prize Winner – FR24 Gold Subscription – Greg Sugden with 15197-RafflD-2020-1400
Ninth Prize Winner – Full Sized Personalised Cockpit Poster Set – Katherine Young with 15202-RafflD-2020-1406
Tenth Prize Winner – Limited Edition Aviation Print by JP Santiago – TWA – Thomas McGivern with 40518-RafflD-2020-2683