Raffle Winners - Raffle C 2020

813 tickets are entered

The draw has been completed!

The First Prize Winner – A380 Simulator Experience is Seth Miller with 24868-RafflC-2020-756
The Second Prize Winner – Flight in a Spitfire Simulator is Kirsten Pistor with 16170-RafflC-2020-507
The Third Prize Winner – 747 Tribute Watch is Dan Johnston with 23415-RafflC-2020-706
The Fourth Prize Winner – Harrier 809 Britain’s Legendary Jump Jet signed by the author is Jenny Butler with 15209-RafflC-2020-280
The Fifth Prize Winner – Darren Harbar Ultimate Fighters Print is Graham Braithwaite with 40497-RafflC-2020-948
The Sixth Prize Winner – Limited Edition Graphics856 Print is Nathan Clee with 17408-RafflC-2020-514
The Seventh Prize Winner – Bottle of 99 Sqn Centenary Celebration Port is Michael Shields with 37092-RafflC-2020-787
The Eighth Prize Winner – FR24 Gold Subscription is Gareth Richardson with 40558-RafflC-2020-1017
The Ninth Prize Winner – Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar Tour is Philippa Penfold with 38060-RafflC-2020-848
The Tenth Prize Winner – Limited Edition Aviation Print by JP Santiago – Varig is Andrew Walling with 15248-RafflC-2020-297