Raffle Winners - Raffle A ‘The Flying Scotsman Draw’

The draw has been completed!

The First Prize Winner – A380 Simulator Experience is Kenneth Simpson with 37061-RafflA-2020-1732
The Second Prize Winner – Flight with Scott Bateman in a PA-28 is Malcolm Pankhurst with 15677-RafflA-2020-1205
The Third Prize Winner – Private Wine Tasting with the Israeli Wine Ambassador is Nigel Morgan with 38018-RafflA-2020-1800
The Fourth Prize Winner – Pete Burkill 30 Seconds to Impact Signed by the author is Stephen Last with 23458-RafflA-2020-1581
The Fifth Prize Winner – 23 Sqn Anniversary Print is Graham Ball with 15714-RafflA-2020-1258
The Sixth Prize Winner – Limited Edition Graphics856 Print is Paul Moore with 38069-RafflA-2020-1849
The Seventh Prize Winner – Slip Cased Limited Edition copy of Vulcan 607 is Stephen Gilmour with 15254-RafflA-2020-988
The Eighth Prize Winner – Aerotiques Gipsy Cylinder Lamp is Mike Rothwell with 25298-RafflA-2020-1696
The Ninth Prize Winner – 40% Sized Cockpit Poster is Moritz Winkler with 15605-RafflA-2020-1148
The Tenth Prize Winner – Limited Edition Aviation Print by JP Santiago – Braniff is John Collier with 38095-RafflA-2020-1891