Marathon Results - strong throughout and finished with a sprint!

Sophia Quilter

02 May 2022

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I just had the ‘best’ time! It was special, splendid, wonderful, fun, empowering and revitalizing! I did not let anyone down 🙂 This I am eternally grateful for.

I was able to talk to people throughout and people commented on how strong I was. Comments such as ‘you look so powerful’ and ‘I don’t think you need good luck the way you are running’. Later on in the race from about mile 22 to mile 26 my energy seem to come out through sound as well as movement. I was singing classical and pop up beat music such as ‘can’t stop me now’ by Queen, chanting like how I have on my African trips and saying out loud and very loud positive words such as ‘freedom’ and ‘alive’, positive sayings such as ‘I can do this’ after seeing yet another very encouraging sign by a supporter and ‘this is not a hill’ even though it was yet another big hill. A woman about two miles to go said ‘thank you for all your energy it’s got me through the last few miles’ and decided to run next me. I said ‘ you are very welcome and good luck’ she stayed with me until the end. Just after the finish line she introduced me to her support team and explained that I had really helped her :). I literally felt like I was flying the last 5 miles. It was extraordinary. There have only been a few times in my life where I have felt truly alive, completely in the moment and only in that moment feeling who I was, why I am here and everything around me and this was one of them.

I am so very pleased I was able to run all the way so strongly for my cause of Pilots and their families in need. I stayed strong because I put at the front of my mind how many peoples lives had been so difficult and continue to be so very difficult due to the redundancies for Pilots and I knew that I must run and I must run with true strength.

I paced myself extremely well, I ate and drank well, I had trained well, I had taken on board a lot of advice, but yet I do think there was something special that happened. Call it ‘luck’, call it…… many things but I tell you I literally felt some kind of energy that didn’t seem quite part of me helping me. I hope this same energy will reach those in need along with the donations and fair wishes from people to those pilots and their families in need.

At the end about 400 metres I picked up my pace to 80% effort and it was easy, I loved it and the last 100 metres I sprinted. Everyone was cheering very loudly and saying fantastic sprinting! I was so happy!

Robin was extremely thrilled to receive the medal also. Day in and day out no matter what the weather or circumstance we ran together with him in the buggy up and down and up and down  between the two villages either 6k or 12k for most of my training. Without him being so wonderful on my runs I couldn’t have achieved this or had the opportunity to help PilotsTogether.

This is a quote from one of my favorite films – 7 years in Tibet – to help describe the feeling. It is from the character Heinrich Harrer who was a famous mountaineer who spent time with the Dali Lama.

‘When you’re climbing your mind is clear and free from all confusions. You have focus. And suddenly the light becomes sharper, the sounds are richer and you’re filled with the deep, powerful presence of life. I’ve only felt that one other time.’

This is a quote from a podcast I listed to which helped me remember how to think throughout the marathon in order to be strong throughout and to finish.

‘The lion is not the fastest animal of the of the jungle, not the tallest animal of the jungle, not the smartest of the jungle, not the heaviest animal of the jungle, yet he is King.’

For anyone who can I would strongly recommend doing a marathon. It’s just an incredible experience.

My time was 4 hours and 22 minutes and 50 seconds.

Thank you all so very very very much for all of your support and to those reading this who need help please reach out to us. Donations remain open for another week should you wish to support this cause 😉


Sophia, Robin and James

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