Last Long Run - 9 miles before marathon

Sophia Quilter

25 April 2022

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I have just loved running the long distances so I am happy that I have done my last long run at the same time I am very happy that I also feel like I could keep going… in a way I am… just a longer rest and then the BIG ONE! YAY!

The run was great with the other runners. Truly around some greats. People with amazing times for marathons, someone doing ‘race for the stones’, someone else doing three iron mans back to back all in one go! I’m seriously listening to all these people! They are very nice too. An example of this today – The iron man x 3 man actually stopped running to help me analyse my running using my heart rate by changing the settings on my watch. He also explained about the numbers to do with the heart rate. Actual help. Amazing.

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