Circa 10 km Social Run with running club

Sophia Quilter

27 April 2022

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I always seem to run faster when I am with the club so I decided this would be my ‘tempo run’. I also greatly benefit from talking to them about all sorts including advice on the marathon. This time I asked questions about music and podcasts. I was sad to hear that a fellow runner was meant to do a marathon a week or so ago but said he got injured in a ‘freak accident’. Weirdly enough I tripped over a tree root only minutes after he said this (haven’t tripped for years…). I was fine but I look at my hand now and I still have the scrapes…. luckily just that though and not a twisted ankle or anything like that.

Everyone please cross your fingers for me not to get an injury… think it will be down to just’ bad luck’… I think I have trained well :). I think I am a ‘lucky’ person so hopefully this will ring true!

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