Thanks to Pilots Together for …

Thanks to Pilots Together for the email regarding job alerts within BA. My only concern is that some of us got told during our 1-2-1 consultations that taking another job internally would forfeit our position in the PRP and right to return to a flying role in the future.

Can anyone offer any guidance on this? No reply from BALPA unfortunately…

Thank you!


  • Hannah Kirkham says:

    Hi, I’m not sure if this helps, but if you are applying for an internal role, my understanding is that you do keep your place within the PRP. This was confirmed to me during my “at risk of redundancy” Interview. If you do apply for an internal role and are successful, HR will be in touch to confirm the details and you can clear any concerns up about the PRP and your position at this stage.

  • Paul Grainger says:

    Hi Miriam, Hannah has replied above. She couldn’t add to your thread for some reason.

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