Our Mission

Pilots have never faced this level of disruption and uncertainty. There is also a common misconception that all pilots are wealthy and don’t need help. We want to make sure that they are supported. Our mission is to:

Help them continue to pay back training loans and bills, without suffering economic hardship

Ensure that they don’t suffer on their own, that they have someone with whom they can talk

Help retain the skills they have spent so much in gaining, and learn new ones for the future

Make sure they remain part of our aviation family

Our efforts focus on four areas:

Financial Support

We will provide financial support to formerly employed UK pilots who are facing economic difficulties. With formerly employed pilots now facing uncertain futures, many saddled with significant training debts, we will allocate donations to those who need it most so they can get through this.

Career Support

We will provide a range of practical support, advice and assistance to formerly employed UK pilots to help them navigate through challenges faced. This includes access to job opportunities, sim access and training assistance, career guidance and job application advice.


We will provide mental health and wellbeing support to formerly employed UK pilots who need it. Wellbeing sessions and individual guidance will be provided through our network of peers and professional experts. We will make sure that these pilots continue to feel connected to their community and know that they aren’t alone.


We will also raise awareness of the profession and make sure it continues to be an attractive career path for the next generation. It is critical that this crisis doesn’t deter future pilots from pursuing their dreams – and that we ensure that people from underrepresented groups aren’t deterred by the high financial barriers to entry.

What our colleagues are saying

I am extremely grateful for the work that the PilotsTogether charity is doing. I recently applied for a grant from the charity to help fund my Boeing 777 type rating renewal and I am absolutely delighted that I have been awarded the money to cover the cost of it. Financially, I would have not been able to fund it without this support. Flying jobs remain very far and few between so having a current rating is absolutely essential. This will really help me in my journey back into the cockpit. Thank you to all of the donors that have made this possible. Your kind donations are very much appreciated and will help people like me to get their careers back on track.


Thank you very much, once again this is a complete lifeline for me to keep everything together in these times.


Thanks ever so much for the help. It means a lot to us in these situations that you’re here to help us.


Thank you so much!

This will help me so much and take a huge weight off my shoulders and I cannot thank you enough! I’ll be able to get my LPC revalidated without having to worry about the large financial burden of this and I’ll therefore be ready to apply for flying jobs in the future. Me and my girlfriend will be able to stay in our own place for the rest of the year, and not have to move back in with my parents which would’ve forced us to give up our jobs. I can’t thank you enough for the incredible work you are all doing.


I am really, very grateful to this charity to support me in such a challenging time, the one which continues to not calm down for Aviation. your support to me has been truly a lifesaver to make things happen and allows me to bring in the change I need to my life. Once again thank you SO much! I cannot express how grateful I am.



Thank you so so much for making any of this possible, yet alone being so generous with my application. It will make a massive difference to my bank balance and future financial plans and ability.

Thanks again to each and every one of you.


I want to say a massive thank you to the team at PilotsTogether for their help. They have taken a financial weight off of my shoulders that I am extremely grateful for. Thank you all so much for being so open, honest, and approachable – I appreciate it more than you know.


This is incredible news.  A HUGE heartfelt thank you to all the committee/trustees that have considered and approved my application. I am lost for words.


Thank you so much, this is going to be a huge help in getting back into what we all love and have dedicated so much towards. Without the support from PilotsTogether I wouldn’t be able to maintain my dedication to the career I love and can’t wait to return to. PilotsTogether I am very grateful.


The grant will make a huge difference to my short term position and really relieve a lot of stress that I have been feeling recently regarding finances.  I can not thank the whole of PilotsTogether enough, it really is a a amazing group of people.


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