Our Mission

Pilots have never faced this level of disruption and uncertainty. There is also a common misconception that all pilots are wealthy and don’t need help. We want to make sure that they are supported. Our mission is to:

Help them continue to pay back training loans and bills, without suffering economic hardship

Ensure that they don’t suffer on their own, that they have someone with whom they can talk

Help retain the skills they have spent so much in gaining, and learn new ones for the future

Make sure they remain part of our aviation family

Our efforts focus on four areas:

Financial Support

We will provide financial support to formerly employed UK pilots who are facing economic difficulties. With formerly employed pilots now facing uncertain futures, many saddled with significant training debts, we will allocate donations to those who need it most so they can get through this.

Career Support

We will provide a range of practical support, advice and assistance to formerly employed UK pilots to help them navigate through challenges faced. This includes access to job opportunities, sim access and training assistance, career guidance and job application advice.


We will provide mental health and wellbeing support to formerly employed UK pilots who need it. Wellbeing sessions and individual guidance will be provided through our network of peers and professional experts. We will make sure that these pilots continue to feel connected to their community and know that they aren’t alone.


We will also raise awareness of the profession and make sure it continues to be an attractive career path for the next generation. It is critical that this crisis doesn’t deter future pilots from pursuing their dreams – and that we ensure that people from underrepresented groups aren’t deterred by the high financial barriers to entry.

What our colleagues are saying

Whilst I have been fortunate to find alternative, non-flying employment during this time, the considerable reduction in salary (close to 65% less than when I was flying) along with additional expenses related to my current job mean that finances have been stretched and at times, very difficult to balance.

Whilst eagerly awaiting a return to flying at BA, I have applied to renew my 777 LPC. Pilots Together have been very generous and assisted in contributing to this. The process has been easy, straightforward and quicker than I had expected and I cannot thank the trustees enough.


This means so much to me and will enable me to have a valid license and look for employment as the world recovers from Covid.

Losing my flying job due to Covid not only came with financial difficulties but also presented me with several other issues. To say it has been the most challenging 18 months of my life is no exaggeration and I often found myself questioning whether I would ever operate an aircraft again. The work that Pilots Together are doing goes a long way in making pilots affected by Covid not to lose hope that their careers are over and that we are not forgotten.

I can’t begin to thank the Trustees enough for this generosity in helping me renew my license and start applying for jobs again.


I’d just like to say a huge thank you for awarding me this grant. Without it, I don’t know how I’d be able to fund my rating renewal and sim training. And without those skills, I’d be much less marketable if/when the pilot job market begins to pick up. The work you do for people in my position is completely invaluable. Without you, pilots like me could be forced to give up on a career in flying and give up on a dream that we’ve worked so hard for.

For the past year, I’ve been weighing up options and stressing constantly over how to continue funding this dream. I’d recommend to anyone in my position to contact pilots together, even if its just to talk to someone about options. Everyone from the charity has been incredibly kind and helpful and I really cannot thank you enough.


Redundant Pilot

This grant allows me to remain employable and committed to aviation despite the tough 12 months of redundancy and diminishing signs of recovery. This money helped to cover costs of sim training, LPC and increased medical costs from AME’s and the CAA. I am forever grateful to PilotsTogether and recommend to anyone that is  in need, to submit an application even if they are unsure or feel that they will be judged. Do not worry! Your application is overseen by like minded people and aviation professionals that appreciate all too much what it takes just to stay employable in this tough, often overlooked industry.”


Redundant Pilot

What can I say? PilotsTogether have gone above and beyond to help my family and I out of what was an ever deepening financial hole since I got made redundant in 2020. The tears when I received their email came thick and fast. For the 1st time in over a year, I don’t have a knot in my stomach about bills.

The application process was thorough, but not difficult, and I would urge anyone that feels they need the support to apply.


Redundant Pilot

Like many others, I found myself out of a job due to the pandemic. Like the rest of those on my course, I unfortunately did not have a valid type rating at the time of my redundancy. This obviously made gaining any potential new flying job very difficult. Due to the costs involved and the fact that I was not working, any spare money I did have was spent paying bills and not on any training that could get me back into the cockpit. Enter: Pilots Together. I am extremely grateful for the support that they have given me and the financial aid provided has meant I have been able to have a valid type rating once again and therefore be a lot more employable. This has made such a difference, not only can I apply for flying jobs now but also from a wellbeing point of view, its such a positive feeling that Pilots Together and the Board of Trustees have facilitated. Thank You!


This is unbelievable. Thank you so much for your help! You truly don’t know how much of an impact this has for my current situation!! Thanks to everyone involved at PilotsTogether. Honourable what you’ve been doing.


The process of asking for help is pretty alien to me, but I have found myself in a tight spot since being made redundant.  The last year of reduced and subsequently no salary was financially hard to take before the emotional stress of wondering how to care for my family.  This took its toll on my marital relationship and invaded all areas of my personal and professional life.  I was deeply touched that Pilots Together were able to make an award to cover my immediate counselling costs and also a small amount to pay for childcare and have some time out reconnecting with my wife.  That was an extremely powerful offer that has turned my domestic situation around.  I will be forever grateful.


I am extremely grateful for the work that the PilotsTogether charity is doing. I recently applied for a grant from the charity to help fund my Boeing 777 type rating renewal and I am absolutely delighted that I have been awarded the money to cover the cost of it. Financially, I would have not been able to fund it without this support. Flying jobs remain very far and few between so having a current rating is absolutely essential. This will really help me in my journey back into the cockpit. Thank you to all of the donors that have made this possible. Your kind donations are very much appreciated and will help people like me to get their careers back on track.


Thank you very much, once again this is a complete lifeline for me to keep everything together in these times.


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