PilotsTogether on "You and Yours" on BBC Radio 4

Adrian Powell

22 June 2021

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PilotsTogether trustee, Katy Lee, recently featured on the BBC Radio 4 programme, “You and Yours” to discuss the reasons that the PilotsTogether charity was created, and what we are doing to help those who have been affected by the crisis in aviation. She was joined by Tim Short, who has lost his job twice and who has now retrained as a train driver, who explained how he has been impacted. He explained how his job as a pilot is not like any other job because of the emotional satisfaction it gives, but that it has never been able to offer the financial rewards that people assume it gives. Katy goes on to explain how being a pilot becomes a part of your identity and how losing that role can affect your mental health. Philip Flowers of the Independent Pilots’ Association explains how he would no longer recommend anyone to start training to become a pilot in the current climate.

The interview can be heard here on the BBC Sounds website, with the PilotsTogether segment starting at around 17:15.

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