PilotsTogether launches Buddy Flying

Adrian Powell

27 September 2021

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PilotsTogether launches Buddy Flying

A common theme from our pilot members is their keenness to get back in the air. As I’m sure we can all appreciate, they miss flying. To go a very small way to rectify this we have started the PilotsTogether Buddy Flying program. This aims to connect our supporters who are general aviation light aircraft pilots, with pilots who have been made redundant so that you can share a flight together.

We have a page on our website dedicated to this program which can be found here. If you are a light aircraft pilot and are willing to have one of our pilots as a passenger free of charge on one of your flights please add an offer on this page. If you own your own aircraft and are willing to rent it to one of our pilots at a reduced rate, subject to any checks you require, please also add an offer on this page. Your details will then be available to our pilots and they will be able contact you directly – non-members will not see the offer.

Please note that PilotsTogether’s role with regard to buddy flights is that of a facilitator only. PilotsTogether will not be involved in arranging any flights ourselves. It is the responsibility of the aircraft owner to carry out any checks which may be required. PilotsTogether takes no responsibility for any flights that are conducted, and assumes no liability whatsoever for any buddy flight arrangements.

Thank you for your support. Any help you can offer to get our pilots back in the air for some flying would be greatly appreciated.

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