Pilot mental health needs to be better supported according to experts

Amelia Powell

03 June 2021

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A recent article in the Guardian suggested that many airlines are prioritising the return to the skies over the mental health and wellbeing of pilots. 

The news report highlighted a warning from the Lived Experience and Wellbeing Project, an Irish research hub focusing on aviation worker wellbeing and the impacts on flight safety and performance. In the past, the group has highlighted that mental health concerns were present in up to 80% of pilots worldwide in 2019, and more than three quarters of the pilots polled said they would not disclose such concerns to employers over fears of losing their license and/or salary. 

The article in the Guardian draws attention to these concerns and underlines the importance of both physical and mental wellbeing for pilots, and calls for airlines to “do more than offer access to gyms and yoga”. 

You can read the full article on the Guardian’s website.

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