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Adrian Powell

14 April 2017

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Welcome to the new PilotsTogether website!  This is a real work in progress as it has been put together in an incredibly short time.  Please bare with us whilst we add content and functionality.

We hope eventually that this website will be the conduit between our colleagues who have sadly left the business and those that remain.  We hope to be able to offer you an opportunity to stay within our community and still feel some attachment to the job you love.


Our aim is to solicit donations and services from anyone who feels that what has happened to our colleagues who’ve had to leave the business is unfair.  Those donations can be in the form of money, which will allow us to ensure that our colleagues do not face serious financial hardship in the short term, or in the form of offers of training and support.  We also welcome offers of discounts available to our colleagues that will help with not only their mental health and general wellbeing, but the mental health and wellbeing of their families too.


Through the About Us pages on this website you can meet some of the people behind PilotsTogether.  You’ll be able to see that we are not just senior pilots but junior ones too, and we have some real expertise and experience from those who have joined us from industry.  We are always happy to accept help from anyone else who has something to offer – please use our pledge or contact pages to get in touch.

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