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Adrian Powell

01 October 2020

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Now that we have our charity number from the Charity Commission and have been recognised as a charity by HMRC we are able to accept monetary donations!  Please visit the Donate Now page linked in the menu for details of the best way to donate.  You can also add useful links via the add links page, and if y0u have a job you could offer add it via the add job page.


It’s not just monetary donations that we will need.  If you have or work for a company that could offer some service that is either discounted or free we would love to hear from you.  That service could be something as simple as an online learning course to allow our colleagues to learn a new skill, or it could be a discount off a new suit to help with an interview.  It could even just be an offer of a stay in your holiday home for one of our colleague’s family.  No pledge is a commitment but anything you can offer would, we are sure, be gratefully received.  You can add it directly via the add offer page, or if you’d rather discuss it with us first just fill out the form below.

Please enter your company here if you are pledging on behalf of a company, otherwise leave blank
Please add your position within your company if you are pledging on behalf of a company
Please add details of what you are able to offer. It doesn't need to be specific
I accept


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