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Over 70% of our pilots have training debts still to pay,
43% of them have more than £100,000 left

The average training debt left to pay by our pilots is £45,000

77% of our registered pilots haveover three years airline experience


Pilots are all well off anyway, right? Not quite. Most pilots have to pay for their own training, which can cost up to £130,000. This money is more often taken as a loan, either by re-mortgaging their own or their parent's house, or a training loan backed by the airline that employs them. When that employment ends, so does the ability to pay it back.

For some of our colleagues this is not the first time they've been made redundant. For others, they left other employers to join an airline where they thought they'd be safe.

They now find themselves out of a job at a time no other airlines are hiring, with none of them receiving any redundancy payments, relying solely on their notice period. Many have no other careers to turn to, and with bills to pay they can't invest in retraining.

With your help we can offer a lifeline to our colleagues to get them back on their feet. Whether it is a financial donation, a job offer, a reduction on a service or even just adding a link to a useful website, anything you can offer will show the that the aviation community looks after its own.


Donations from individuals are critical to our mission. We rely on regular and one-off contributions; especially regular contributions which will enable us to support our colleagues on an ongoing basis. All donations from UK taxpayers also benefit from Gift Aid. We can also accept donations via payroll giving from many UK companies.

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Corporate Partners

Business has a role to play too. We need support from organisations working in the aviation and aerospace fields, as well as others who have the ability to help. We have a range of financial donations, partnerships and sponsorships which allow businesses to support the community. Please contact us for more information.

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Grants and Other Funding

We are actively seeking funding from government, charity and other benevolent sources to help our colleagues. If you are aware of any initiatives for which PilotsTogether may qualify, or if you are interested in setting up any sort of grant or sponsorship then please let us know via the Contact Us form.

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