Money donated to PilotsTogether will provide hardship funds for our redundant colleagues, funds to cover retraining and up-skilling costs and health and wellbeing support where appropriate, as well as paying the ongoing costs of the charity itself.
£19,033.78 + £4,155.57 Gift Aid donated
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  • Anonymous says:

    Truly devastating at the beginning of ones career to be laid off.
    Don’t know how I would have coped all those years ago.

  • Diana Norman says:

    To all those pilots who, through no fault of their own, have been made redundant. Including my son.

  • Alistair Coy says:

    Our daughter is an SFO flying the 777 for British Airways. We have felt the pain and trauma of everyone working in the aviation industry whose jobs have been affected in so many ways by the corona virus pandemic and simply wanted to make a contribution to what we feel is an excellent initiative. Well done to everyone involved and good luck with all of your efforts. Alistair and Linda Coy

  • Adrian Keenan says:

    Best of luck to all those affected by these unprecedented times.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Sheila Bryant says:

    Really happy to be able to support Pilots Together. It’s good to know that there are people out there who can help!

  • Anonymous says:

    As a retired airline pilot who went through two redundancies during my career I should like to show support for those suffering at the moment. Not much, but better than nothing. Best wishes to you all.

  • Anonymous says:

    As a BA pensioner I want to support my former colleagues in times of need.

  • Leigh Smith says:

    I work in the travel industry and feel incredibly lucky to still have a job. Just wanted to do my bit to help.

  • Stephanie Constantinou says:

    My son is a pilot and is fortunate enough to have kept his job for now. It’s still a scandal that pilots receive no government support for their training and unlike student loans there is no respite when things go wrong. The travel and aviation industry have been devastated by the current situation yet the government seems to be intent on putting this important industry to the back of the pile. I hope you manage to gain support for your fund as the misguided view that all pilots are wealthy is far from the truth.

  • Anonymous says:

    Saddened to see BBC coverage. Eviction in thes times should not happen for people genuinely in difficulties.

  • Nick Gallow says:

    Hope to see you back soon

  • Jerry Palmer says:

    A wonderful initiative to support individuals and their families, when the government have provided nothing.

  • Anonymous says:

    I retired in 2012 after a long airline career, and should like to support your xcellent work. Not much, but better than nothing!

  • Enrique Nieuwenhuijs says:

    All the strength to everyone out there in difficult conditions. Hang in there, it will bounce back.

  • Anonymous says:

    My son was a pilot with Flybe for 10 years. Fortunately he has found another role within the aviation industry. I hope my donation helps other pilots get through the present crisis.

  • eddie nicholas says:

    Good luck i hope to be able to support you more in the future.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Stephen Wand says:

    A gift for those that have been less fortunate career-wise than myself.

  • Jerry Dyer says:

    Without the crews who fly these aircraft we wouldn’t have a channel, so we salute you. Thanks for everything you folks do

  • Nigel Courtis says:

    This particular donation was caused by Jonny Gierhart and the really helpful work he is doing with the pay calculator. He suggested a donation to Pilots Together rather than any money going to him. Great guy.

  • Christopher Hodgkinson says:

    There but for the grace of God…..

  • Anonymous says:

    Christmas top-up

  • Anonymous says:

    Nice Work

  • Anonymous says:

    Good luck for you all for the future.

  • Martin Tomlinson says:

    Retired Pilot

  • John Penfold says:

    My goodness, how lucky was I, that I didn’t have to endure a situation such as this one. Hopefully things will return to some sort of normality soon – people will always want to travel.

  • Anonymous says:

    My generation of Pilots were so fortunate

  • Wendy Broadhurst says:

    I was just watching Big Jet TV and Jerry was talking about your very worthy cause, so I thought I’d pop over and make a donation. Only sorry that as a US tacpayer I cannot gift aid my donation.

  • Glen Mackintosh says:

    Big Jet TV

  • Linda Beaty says:

    My nephew is a pilot with Ryanair and know it has been a tough year for him. Wanted to show my support and admiration to those that have lost their jobs and are struggling to keep things going. Also big fan of Big Jet TV, got to love watching those windy landings, you do a great job pilots!

  • Christopher Galvin says:

    Looking forward to seeing you in the skies again soon. Big thanks to Jerry at Big Jet TV for the awareness of a great charity

  • Suzanne Youds says:

    Merry Christmas #bigjettvlive

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks to Jerry and Gilly at Big Jet TV for supporting this charity.

  • Miles Forsyth says:

    Hi Guys. We’ve been so grateful for all the trips we’ve taken over the years. Thank you. We heard about your organization on Big Jet TV. We’re just so sorry that Coronavirus came along and grounded us all. Take care and we’re crossing everything in the hope we’ll all be back in the skies in 2021. Happy Christmas ! – Tracey & Miles

  • Robert Mendez says:

    From one aviation Family to Another. This is sent as a result of “BIG JET TV” having a Live Charity Christmas Special.

  • Nichola Hammoudeh says:

    Came here from Big Jet TV. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for getting us safely to and from places we would never have seen without you. Stay strong, stay safe and hopefully we will all be back in the sky soon. Merry Xmas and here’s to 2021.

  • Kenneth Baker says:

    I am donating because I think it is a very worthy cause.

  • Martin Costello says:

    Big thanks to Jerry at Big Jet TV keep up the great work

  • Nigel Betts says:

    Best wishes to all you all.

  • Jonathan lee says:

    i know its not much but every little helps to all the boys and girls who fly us around the world

  • Jennifer Westcott says:

    Lover of aviation and Big jet tv

  • Martin Hudson says:

    Worthy cause

  • Brian Clarkson says:


  • Brian Jacklin says:

    Senior Citizen Avgeek with no debts & some spare pension money

  • Peter Moll says:

    For all my holidays, travel you tubers and Big Jet TV thank you and glad to give some small thing back.

  • Mr. Paul Brown says:

    Donating through big jet tv

  • Stephen Swell says:

    Big Jet TV viewer and retired ATCO


    So happy to help these fine people doing a great job keeping the world moving. Big jet tv has united so many people around the world and shown human nature at it’s best. Nothing but the highest appreciation for this outstanding community.

  • Anonymous says:

    Big Jet TV

  • Fulvius Fernandes says:

    Thanks Jerry for keeping us entertained on Christmas Day

  • David Powell says:

    Happy Xmas to all.

  • David Fiedler says:

    Supporting Big Jet TV fundraiser

  • Tony Ireland says:

    Thanks to Big Jet TV

  • Glyn James says:

    Merry Christmas to all, and hope this helps.

  • Sarah Purvis says:

    Every little helps, it’s all I can afford. Great charity! Love to all the pilots around the world you do an amazing job!

  • Ross McKinley says:

    Just something small that hopefully will help pilots who are struggling this time of year.

  • Dean Bradley says:

    Hi Jerry Donated £5.00 keep up the great work Dean Bradley


    Not much but every little helps . These pilots are doing a great job keeping the world moving. Big Jet TV has done a great job and kept and brought this terrific community together. Nothing but the highest appreciation for BJTV and every fellow community member . Humanity at it’s best!!

  • Graeme Dixon says:

    Big Jet TV charity day

  • Anonymous says:

    Hope things recover as soon as possible so pilots can continue to follow their dreams

  • Dennis McLintock says:

    Big Jet Tv

  • Edwin Johnson says:

    Hoping all of you can soon be back flying. Best of luck

  • John Christiansen says:

    I have been a regular BA and Loganair passenger for many years and I am devastated by the apocalypse in the career of so many young pilots.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have been hugely lucky to have had a wonderful career in aviation and my thoughts are very much with you and your families. The motto of the Hamble College of Air Training was “Look Forward”, and, as pilots, we’re hopefully quite good at doing that! We’re also pretty good at analysing “situations” and developing a course of action to deal with them as best we can. I hope that these skills will help you through this extraordinary period. Meanwhile, as Prince Harry wrote on his get well card to Donald Trump in hospital with C19 ….. “Stay Positive”.

  • Pam North says:

    Big Jet TV member. Couldn’t donate through BJTV as didn’t catch their Christmas livestreams, so doing it here.

  • Jerry Dyer (Big Jet TV Members) says:

    These donations are from our wonderful Channel Members on YouTube. Monies raised over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day on Superchat. Keep-up the great work folks.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am so grateful that my BA career did not include the stresses that are being felt at the moment.

  • Dave Mallen says:

    I have been very lucky to find employment so this is to help support my dear friends and colleagues. Thank you to all those involved with Pilotstogether – you are doing a fantastic job.

  • Karen Whelan says:

    I want to support the industry as a customer and GA pilot. Heard Katy Lee’s interview with Xtended podcast