Buddy Flying

As part of our efforts to help our members feel part of the aviation community we have invited those of our supporters who own, or have access to, light aircraft, to offer accompanied flights in those aircraft for little or no charge. We have also asked those who are willing to rent an aircraft to those with suitable ratings to do so at a reduced rate, subject to any checks they may require.

We encourage you to take up these offers and get back in the air! We’d be delighted to hear stories back from you if you do manage to get airborne.

Please note that PilotsTogether’s role with regard to buddy flights is that of a facilitator only.  PilotsTogether will not be involved in arranging any flights ourselves.  It is the responsibility of the aircraft owner to carry out any checks which may be required.  PilotsTogether takes no responsibility for any flights that are conducted, and assumes no liability whatsoever for any buddy flight arrangements.