Add Offer

Please feel free to submit an offer to our website. This offer must be available to all of our colleagues who have been made redundant. Please put as much information in as possible, with images where you can. Your offer will only be visible to members of the website, not to the general public.

If you would like to be able to edit or delete your own offer and you are a professional pilot you can register on this website as an Associate Member before submitting; you will then have full access to your offer on your account page. If you do not wish to register, or you are not a professional pilot, you can simply add your offer here and then use the contact us page with instructions to amend or delete your offer and we will do the rest.

Please add the amount of the discount (or if it is free) in the Short Description.

Please note that PilotsTogether’s role with regard to these offers is that of a facilitator only.  PilotsTogether will not be involved in any arrangements ourselves.  It is the responsibility of the offer owner to carry out any checks or other steps which may be required.  PilotsTogether takes no responsibility for any offers that are used, and assumes no liability whatsoever for any arrangements.

Thank you on behalf of our colleagues and of the PilotsTogether Team.